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blue cow cult
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We're happy to be blue and so should you! General whackos and crazies here. We worship the might of ramen and the happiness of the Blue Cow.

Initiation rites:
-Go to www.bluecow.com

*Works best with sleep deprivation

Blue cow members can commonly be found in high places singing their theme song and pridefully wearing iron on blue cow t-shirts accompanied by squeaky blue cow plushies. Although, there is one errent member who thinks his purple cow is blue. We're tolerant of all creatures though, including lummoxes and purple cows.
8-bit theatre, alpha storage pi, althena, aristark dominikavich grand-schubik, ausgezeichnet, bagpipes, balloon animals, banshees, bats, beethoven virus, black mage, blasen machen, blue cheese, blue cheese dealing, blue cows, blue noses, bubble bobble, bubbles, burning buildings, bust-a-move, celtic knots, chai, chainmail, chi, chrono trigger, costumes, croaking smack, cute lil piggys, dancing with sugar packets, dark rooms, demons, department store frolicking, doom, doughboy, dragon warrior, dragon-os, duct tape, eggplants, evil monkeys, evilness, exploding demons, fairy wings, final fantasy, finger dancing, fire, floating doors, flogging molly, foam uzis, fountians and flowery things, foxtails, fraggle rock, freeze dried souls, freeze dried vegetables, frencal rhomb, frogs, garbage frats, geeks, german coffee shops, get smart, gir, goo, grave robbing, grr, hair dye, halloween, harmonicas, horoscopes, icey pops, icq, inflatable chairs, invader zim, iron chef, jedi mind tricks, kaga's wardrobe, kangajesus, katanas, kids in the hall, killing praxis, kiosk, kitsune, koopa, lcd trips, legend of zelda, life force, light sabres, lorax, love shack, magic, megaman, mirra the bat plushie, mommy pam, moo, mooflechu, mystical glitter, neon green skeletons, nightwish, ninja turtles, ninjaburger.com, ninjas, nintendo, not simpletons, onesimus, pixie demon bunnies, polaroid sticker pictures, post-it notes, power goth girls, pretty pretty princesses, pyromania, raccoons, ramen, random evil, random insanity, raw brains, rent, rocky the lucky raccoon, rotary phones, round marker boards, rpg, running with scissors, shiney objects, shiney things, skizzors, sleep causes cancer, sleeptalking, slime lights, smarterchild, snake rattle and roll, space invaders, spam, spiffy, sprite comics, squishy eyeballs, starfox, staying up till dawn, street signs, sunflowers, swiffer, the x-files, theatre, translucent eggplants, tree climbing, twisted sister, ukelele, video games, weirdness, wide left turns, windex in eyes, worme the centipede, wunderbar, zelda